Dishoom - Shoreditch, London, UK

Listed in order.
Blow Horn Spiced Up Cider - £5.80 Cotsworld Cider company brews this cider. I enjoyed this cider bc it was a lot smoother and very casual type taste if that makes any sense. It’s brewed with some cinnamon as well. Lamb Samosas - £4.20 The outside was cooked to a perfect crisp where it did not flake whatsoever. The lamb itself was really flavorful as well.
Matter Paneer Curry - £7.50 The blocks of food looked like tofu to me and had a similar texture but it was actually cheese. Probably one of the best most tasty curries I’ve had.
Gunpowder Potatoes - £5.50 This had smokey-grilled broken apart skins that was cooked with butter and delicious aromatic herbs. The sauce was yogurt based.
Dishoom Chicken Tikka - £6.90 Marinated with sweet vinegar instead of yogurt, this tasted soft and tender. It had hints of green chillies and garlic.

Dishoom ended up being my favourite place out of all the places we tried in London. The area Shoreditch was very much so the “Hipster”/trendy area. As frequently as you see Mexican restaurants in CA.. That’s how frequent you see Indian restaurants in the UK.

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